Gay Spandex Super Heroes and Villains - Battle for Supremacy!

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Description: In the streets of his inventions of strength and performance, the evil villain Draven Navarro overwhelmed all the bad guys in the city, making them extremely strong and fast. Of course, he kept the best things for himself. Power Lad seems to stop you. They fight while Draven is super strong and dirty, grabbing Power Lad's giant stick and squeezing. However, Power Lad overcomes the villain and lands with a great uppercut. Draven must change his strategy. He pulls out a magical watch that he received for some serum. They watch frustrated Power Lad in the past.Draven quickly puts Power Lad into trance, easy to control. It turns out that Draven is an excellent source of energy and, above all, he wants to know how it feels to have the giant penis of Power Lad.